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Welcome to Service First ... Total Solutions

“Service First is a proudly Canadian, world class managed services provider. Across North America, we service a broad range of clients:  from small local start-ups to medium size not-for-profits to global aerospace corporations.  Whether your network is 10 computers right next door, or a thousand computers 3000 miles away we have the experience to manage it effectively, efficiently and securely.  

By combining the knowledge and experience of our in-house IT specialists with our cross country network of partnering associates we can offer you a level of expertise and service normally available only to Fortune 500 companies, and we can do it at price you can afford.”

We specialize in Managed Network Services

You manage your business while our certified experts monitor day-to-day operations of your network, manage maintenance and upgrades, and rapidly respond to any interruptions. Whatever level of network management you require as your business grows, we deliver the highest levels of proactive support – all while saving you unnecessary IT hours and needless capital expense.

Our service will allow you to focus on your business, not on your computers.
You know your business best! We know computers and networking! Why waste your valuable time troubleshooting network issues? Save time and money by allowing professionals to manage your network.

Less computer downtime means more productive staff.
How many employees do you have? If your server goes down, how many people not working are there? Seems pretty simple doesn’t it? Network downtime costs lots of money in wages and lost productivity.

Service First thinks outside the box.
We understand that not every business is the same and not every business requires the same type of support. That’s why we are fully able to customize our business service plans based on your needs. Do you need regular onsite visits? Is remote maintenance enough?

Service First will work with you to best determine your needs.
Through regular contact, we will ensure that you are always happy with the service you are getting from us. If you are unsure of how to start, feel free to contact us and we will assist you in every way.

Service First …Total Solutions strives to make your network a non-issue

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