A high-security email solution for your private and confidential data

Nothing is left to chance.
The quality of our network and infrastructure guarantees you high availability.

Your sensitive data hosted in Canada

Service First Exchange is hosted exclusively in datacentres in Canada. Locating our Exchange solution in Canada protects you from the jurisdiction of the US Patriot Act and the numerous confidentiality risks associated with it.

You can also count on the responsiveness of our support teams, who are on site in the datacentres 24/7.

Your data backed up

As your data is sensitive, we offers you an infrastructure designed specifically to ensure that all your communication remains confidential.

Service First backs up your emial on another server hourly, at no extra cost.

Your data will therefore stay safe even in the event of any hardware issues.

High-tech infrastructures

Every Hosted Exchange server is equipped with a double connection and two different electrical power sources, as well as two UPS devices connected by two network links to two separate switches.

The routing and storage spaces are also fully redundant.

Private Exchange

Your resources are not only highly available, they are also fully dedicated to you; nothing is shared with other Private Exchange customers.

You get your own server and your storage space is totally isolated.

Your mailbox is totally secure.

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